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On October 29th, 2023, Isuzu Vietnam cooperated with Isuzu Thanh Thao to successfully organize Eco-drive seminar, Safety Driving – Fuel Saving and Daily Vehicle Maintenance – Inspection, for Hai Yen Logistics and several transportation companies in Ca Mau.

The program took place with the participation of more than 30 drivers and Managers from these companies confirming the practicality of the program and their special attention to safety and saving while operating the truck in order to optimize operation cost.

Speaking at the opening of the program, the representative of Hai Yen Logistics – Mr. Nguyen Hai Ly expressed his sincere thanks to Isuzu Vietnam and Isuzu Thanh Thao for organizing Eco-drive seminar for Hai Yen and other transportation companies in Ca Mau. He emphasized that safe driving and fuel economy are the most important criteria in the transportation sector, especially relevant in the current difficult transportation situation. In the coming time, he hopes Isuzu Vietnam and Isuzu Thanh Thao will organize more Eco-drive seminar for customers and accompany transportation companies so that both can develop together. Hai Yen will always cooperate, trust and use Isuzu vehicles for the transportation business.

Through the seminar, with the guidance of Isuzu Vietnam and Isuzu Thanh Thao, the trainees participated in 03 main contents as follows:

– Guide to Eco & Safety Driving skill (Theory & Practice)

– Instructions for daily vehicle maintenance and inspection (Theory & Practice)

– Health Report Explanation; Q&A Section

Accordingly, participants participated in driving practice in two ways: normal driving according to daily practice and eco-driving according to the tips instructed by Isuzu Vietnam.

After the training, according to the assessment of Isuzu Vietnam, the result of driving by 02 methods in the training session shows that the operating skills of driver team are very good. With the new method, Isuzu hopes that it will play a role to contribute to reducing fuel cost of customer up to 15%.

Drivers practiced the method of vehicle daily maintenance – inspection after being instructed by Isuzu Thanh Thao.

At the end of the program, participants received certificates and awards from the organizer.

Speaking at the program, Isuzu Vietnam hopes that Eco-drive seminar will contribute to helping customers improve the efficiency of using the product. At the same time, affirming Isuzu Vietnam’s commitment to always accompany customers in every way.

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10 November, 2023

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